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Date: April, 2024


The Center for Excellence in Education (CEE) was founded in 1983 with the intention of nurturing careers of excellence and leadership in science and technology in young scholars as an essential investment into America's global future. CEE's programs help keep the US competitive in science and technology, furthering international collaboration among leaders of the world. CEE challenges students and assists them on a long-term basis to become the creators, inventors, scientists, and leaders of the 21st century.

The USA Biolympiad (USABO) enriches the life science education of nearly 11,000 talented students annually. USABO concentrates on stimulating young scholars' intellectual curiosity and developing their critical thinking in laboratory skills and biological reasoning to propel them to careers of excellence and leadership in science and technology. It provides students with the motivation, curricular resources, and skills training to take them beyond their classroom experience to the level of international competitiveness.

Challenge Rules




April 2024  (50 mins)


Online (Computer or Laptop with working camera)

Student Eligibility

High school students


Individual written test (no experiment)


50 multiple-choice questions in 50 minutes


Animal Anatomy and Physiology, Cell Biology, Genetics and Evolution, Plant Anatomy and Physiology, Ecology, Ethology, Biosystematics


Asia awards:

  • Asia Gold: Top 10%
  • Asia Silver: Top 25%
  • Asia Bronze: Top 35%
  • Asia Honorable Awards: Top 55%


Registration Deadline

2 weeks before the competition

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Includes the exam administration, grading, past-papers, certificates


2 weeks before the competition

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ASDAN EPQ Scholarship







Noted:The ASDAN Scholarship is only available to Year 10, 11 and 12 students for participating ASDAN Extended Project Qualification(EPQ). EPQ is recommended by the G5 group and many leading universities as a competitive academic experience. Scholarships cannot be exchanged for cash. For further details see:

Sample Problems

1. Suppose radioactive thymine was added to an actively dividing culture of E. coli bacteria. What would happen if a cell replicated once in the presence of this radioactive base?

  • Only one daughter cell would have radioactive DNA
  • Neither of the two daughter cells would be radioactive
  • All four DNA bases would be radioactive
  • Radioactive thymine would pair with nonradioactive guanine
  • DNA in both daughter cells would be radioactive

Answer: E

2. If radioactive sulfur (35S) is used in the culture medium of bacteria that harbor bacteriophage viruses, it will later appear in:

  • Bacterial RNA
  • Bacterial cell wallsBacterial cell walls
  • Bacterial cell walls
  • Viral RNA
  • Viral coats

Answer: E